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I was privilliged to talk about my biggest passion at The New Ism podacst along 2 inspirational leaders.

The New Ism podcast is promoting innovation impactful global leaders.

My message for changemaking in 30 seconds is about perspectives 😉 (full answer in the chapter)

Keren-Or Rosner Impact Investing The New ISM Podcast interview
Keren-Or Rosner Impact Investing The New ISM Podcast interview

Sharing this #female wisdom on The New Ism #podcast
✅️ Mélanie Marcel : social innovator and #researcher
✅️ Katerina Chantzi , cleantech ecosystem pioneer
#Thankyou for having us!
▶️ Have fun listening! What were your takeaways? Feel free to #share.

Young people must have a key role in The New Ism – not only because they will be at the front and centre of the fight against climate change, but also because they bring wisdom, fresh perspectives and exciting ideas to the conversation. And none more so than Katerina Chantzi, Melanie Marcel and Keren-Or Rosner, who we speak to today.

Keren-Or Rosner is the founder and CEO of Ray of Impact, which connects businesses to nature and human nature by shifting capital into doing good and using financial methodologies to understand how activities impact on the world. She explores how we can use data to avoid doing harm and maximise growth and profit, whilst minimising environmental and societal risk.

Katerina Chantzi is a Project Manager at Cleantech Estonia, raising awareness about climate change, climate action and leadership, and innovation. She works with young people who want to create a sustainable future and also works as an educator for social entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

Melanie Marcel is the founder of SoScience, a social enterprise which specialises in responsible research and innovation. Working with voices from across society, it aims to change the scientific system and what is produced in laboratories in order to have a positive impact on the planet.

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