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An impactful Swag Index fostering sustainable purchasing

Environmentally and socially responsible purchasing

What are the best ways to purchase sustainable responsible products – “swag with impact”?

Holiday gifting – with a sustainable mindset

We can choose sustainably produced plants, wine, hand-made produce, or socially made gifts from people with disabilities when we are celebrating Easter or Pesach.

To get you started, we created this free resource with top suppliers that are sustainability-drivenSocially and environmentally beneficial gifts include:

  1. Produce of fresh quality: food, drinks, chocolate, etc.

  2. A hand-made product

  3. As an alternative to tangible products, give employees experiences and workshops on their favorite topics

  4. Long-lasting, plastic-free / reusable items

Check out the full list: Download the Impact Swag index by Ray of Impact here.

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