Our goal is to help companies and investors manage ESG and impact
in a strategic way in order to maximize value.

Our goal is to help companies and investors manage ESG and impact

in a strategic way in order to maximize value. 

As creators of new pathways, we help businesses grow in three pillars.

1.  Capital Maximization.

2. An ESG-based strategy.

3.  Business Neuroplasticity Framework.

A sustainability expert, I founded Ray of Impact to help businesses maximize growth and profits while minimizing risks.

Looking forward to exploring pathways together.

How can we create new business Pathways?

Impact and sustainability leadership

Our courses, workshops, and lectures are tailored to the needs of industry leaders. Examining key principles and practices for transforming business strategies into dynamic human systems that drive revenue while promoting impact.

Framework for business Climate Action

In the assessment we examine the company’s vision, mission, and identity, connecting the three P’s: profits, passion, and pathways. We transform challenges into leverage by using growth-oriented frameworks.

ESG assessment and integration

We support the integration of ESG holistically by using dynamic materiality assessments, scenario planning, TCFD, TNFD, SDGs, social environmental risk evaluations, net-zero strategies, and impact investment evaluations.

Nice to meet you!
I’m Keren-Or, specializing in maximizing business while promoting impact.

  • Advising 100+ businesses in metrics implementation, over 10 years of experience in business ecosystem building and scaling for-profit growth.
  • Forbes 30 under 30 alumni, Google impact mentor and PRI certified.
  • Co-Founder, Former Director of the SDG Israel Community
  • Ecosystem stakeholder engagement specialist, integrating technology to support the climate and wellbeing challenges.
  • Former marketing director at health-tech startup.
  • Former head of  CVC investments innovation for robotics global corporation.
  • Former general manager of the Israel-Japan Chamber of Commerce.
  • Graduate of sustainability impact programs – The Heschel Center for Sustainability, Ashoka ChangeMakers Exchange 
  • Japanese, Spanish, English, and Korean speaker.

Advancing data-driven systematic shifts that benefit people, profits, and the planet.

Keren-Or Rosner Impact ESG

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